11. Vera

all_11My name is Vera and  this is Rainbowska family number 11.

I just wanted to remind you that

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow!

I am going to travel to New York, USA soon and from there… it all depends on you!

Please help me to travel by taking me to any place where I could bring more colour and brightness to somebody’s day.

I’m very glad you found me. Leave a comment here and tell where did you find me and what did you think. I would also like to see a picture of me on the road so if possible please take a photo and post it with your comment.

3 thoughts on “11. Vera

  1. This Vera was seen in front of TD-bank on Wall Street at the crossing of broadway next to Trinity Church, New York, NY, USA

  2. I found Vera in front of TD Bank during rush hour on Wall Street. When I read her note, I couldn’t believe the synchronicity of our meeting! I am an activist with Occupy Wall Street, and ironically, I happened to be working a temp job in a Wall Street high rise that day. After two years straight of relief work, rallying, protesting and organizing, I was feeling sort of solemn about life in general. Reading this sweet matryoshka’s message brought light into my heart on a very cold November day. I was so inspired…and with her hand-colored rainbow dress(es), she was just so absolutely charming!
    I happened to be passing Zuccotti Park, the site of our original protest encampment, so Vera and I stopped to take our photos there. We sat underneath newly installed Christmas lights and hung out awhile. I showed her where the People’s Library — which once swapped books completely free, to anyone — used to be, set up under a series of tarps. We passed under the “Red Thing,” aka DiSuvero’s sculpture “Joie de Vivre,” and I told her stories of how we used to share meals and give away clothing to anyone in need of a little help. I reminisced about assemblies where hundreds of people gathered to talk about how to make the world a better place…I like to think her energy brought some light back in, and she picked up some of our revolutionary spirit.
    Vera is looking forward to the next leg of her journey. She really likes NYC though…. perhaps she’ll turn up in Central America in the near future 🙂

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