12. Nina

all_12My name is Nina and  this is Rainbowska family number 12.

I just wanted to remind you that

Don’t criticize what you can’t understand!

I am going to travel to XXX soon and from there… it all depends on you!

Please help me to travel by taking me to any place where I could bring more colour and brightness to somebody’s day.

I’m very glad you found me. Leave a comment here and tell where did you find me and what did you think. I would also like to see a picture of me on the road so if possible please take a photo and post it with your comment.

7 thoughts on “12. Nina

  1. Nina spend her holiday on a beautiful beach Ao Tonsai, Krabi, Thailand. She had very good time in nice atmosphere and finally she found her way to the Freedom Bar. After all, freedom is for everybody!

  2. Hey ! I’ve just found Nina in Slovenia, in Ljubljana 🙂 I’ve been going regularly to this coffee, really hidden from the public in an old librabry , and today when i was going to pay the coffee, the sweet man that I already know (because I always go there to read my books 😉 ) gave me Nina !!! I like her message, to give some color to people that have it already inside but that are so multilayered that they just can dig it out ! I like Nina ! Ill try to find another hidden place to leave her, for special people ! For now she as a home to rest from all the travellings 🙂

  3. I found Nina in Slovenia in village Vitovlje in year 2014.
    Nina has travelled all summer with me in a different places and rock concerts (schengenfest VInica Slovenija, Punk rock holiday Tolmin Slovenija and beautiful slovenian mountains where I hid Nina. I hid Nina in Slovenian mountains September 2014. Her message I like very much and is very influenced by me. I am very happy that Nina still active turist around the world place.

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