4: Polina

all_4My name is Polina and  this is Rainbowska family number 4.

I just wanted to remind you that

You are perfect just as you are!

I am going to travel to Tampere, Finland soon and from there… it all depends on you!

Please help me to travel by taking me to any place where I could bring more colour and brightness to somebody’s day.

I’m very glad you found me. Leave a comment here and tell where did you find me and what did you think. I would also like to see a picture of me on the road so if possible please take a photo and post it with your comment.

3 thoughts on “4: Polina

  1. This lovely Polina was seen at Tampere Hall on sunday 13.10.2013. She said that she might take the train to somewhere warm 🙂 Let’s see how it works!

  2. I was the one responsible for taking Polina from roller derby event to Tampere Hall. She was still left alone standing on the table at Tampere Areena when we were already cleaning and emptying the place after tournament. Suddenly someone noticed the doll and asked if anyone knew who it belonged to. No one knew, so we started checking the doll and found out it was left there on purpose. 🙂 I decided to take it with me as I knew I was going to see Jonne Aaron’s concert in few weeks and thought there might be someone who would like to take her along. I’m glad to see Polina is off to a new journey!

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